Change the Title & Description of your site

Once you're logged in you can use the admin link to turn editing on.

Whilst you're editing the front page in Snap you'll find quick links to the Snap settings page where you can do things like change your site title, description, cover image, add a logo and your brand color.

Change the Footer of your site

A site footer is a great place to add links to other websites you provide users might need without getting in the way of your content. Contact details, help, support and guidance in learning or teaching are all things users typically expect in a site footer.

Again, when you are editing the front page you'll see a quick link to edit the footer which takes you straight to the Snap settings page.

Explore the navigation

Once you're enrolled in some courses you'll find them all in one click from any page by using the Menu button.

As well as navigation the Personal Menu provides upcoming deadlines, feedback - or submissions that need feedback if you're a teacher, and any messages - like a personal dashboard for learning.

Within each course you'll see a table of contents - listing each section or topic. Clicking on theses takes you to the relevant section. If you're looking for a particular file or activity you can use search which will take you to the resource.

Try making a course yourself - adding an introduction and summary, adding an additional section, and if you're feeling adventurous even a Moodle page resource with an image and description (like the one you're reading now!) just to get a feel for the workflow in Snap.

Have fun, play and experiment!

Try Snap on your mobile, tablet or desktop and see how the responsive design creates a cross device learning experience your learners can learn from wherever they choose.

Last modified: Wednesday, September 26, 2018, 10:23 AM